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Shadermap Pro V3.0.2 win PET []


Transform Maps and Models
ShaderMap™ creates and converts rendering textures to different formats. It can also bake maps from 3D models. Easily tweak settings and preview changes in real-time.

Start by loading a source file, (texture or 3D Model). ShaderMap instantly generates displacement, normal, and ambient occlusion maps. View your maps on custom models and paint normals and displacemnt pixels in the ShaderMap Normal Editor.

What's New in ShaderMap 3
There are a number of new features in ShaderMap 3 – Major features include: Baking Maps from 3D models, a Map Filter System, a vastly improved Project Grid, real displacement preview in the Material Visualizer, and a bunch of new maps. Below is a list of each new feature and bug fixes.

Version 3.0.2
Forward Model to Material Visualizer – Users can now push send a Source Model to the Material Visualizer from the Project Grid by right clicking the Source Mode.
UDIM Support for Model Maps – Maps that use Source Models as input can now use a UDIM ID to generate the map for the offset UV coordinates.
Option to use 127 or 128 as Zero in Normals – This option allows the user to force exported 8 bit Normal Maps to use 128 as zero instead of the default 127.
Option to set Max U – This allows the user to define the maximum number of horizontal tiles in for UDIM enabled maps.
Option to set UDIM Postfix – This allows the user to set the postfix format used by UDIM enabled maps.
Bugs Fixed
Fixed UV coordinates on Cylinder default geometry.
Pre Filters were not working on Normal Maps with non normal map inputs.

More info: http://shadermap.com/features/

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